To address your issues I can help you learn relaxation and coping skills, evaluate and change your ways of thinking to be more helpful, coach you on how to put words to your feelings and express them, change your behavior and learn new habits, and learn to identify and change your relationship patterns. Sometimes, I will just help you problem-solve and put your plan to work.

I primarily rely on Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Focusing-Oriented Therapy to deliver my services, and incorporate elements of humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. When called for I use more disorder-specific approaches such as Behavioral Activation for depression, Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy for bipolar disorder, Exposure Therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, and Metacognitive Therapy for anxiety disorders.

When we work together, you can draw on my expertise in assessment and diagnosis of mental health difficulties to make sure we don’t overlook something important. Misdiagnosis in mental health is relatively common and can result in unnecessary suffering and waste of time and money. An example of this is when what looks and feels like depression turns out to be a form of bipolar disorder, which requires a very different approach. I can then help you navigate the most optimal plan for addressing your issues, big or small.