Counselling may look very different for people at different points in their life. Some may benefit from intensive therapy that focuses on the roots of unconscious relationship patterns that were learned early in life and cause them problems in the present. Others may find that they only need to learn coping skills or address a practical issue. What works best can change with time and circumstances. Because of that we decide together on the best match for your needs at any given time.


The purpose of this 30 minute initial meeting (25 minutes of talking time and 5 minutes of admin time) is to discuss your presenting issues, make recommendations and a treatment plan, set goals, and to establish if we are an appropriate fit and would like to continue working together. This session costs 100 CAD.


This 1 hour meeting (50 minutes of talking time and 10 minutes of admin time) is suited to a wide range of issues and is the standard format for counselling or psychotherapy. This session costs 200 CAD.


This 30 minute meeting (25 minutes of talking time and 5 minutes of admin time) is a more focused version of the regular counselling session. This session format is best for work on specific issues and individuals whose time is at a premium. The session costs 100 CAD.